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•   David Maack (1984)  7/18
•   Tina Christensen (1985)  7/15
•   Raymond Ziegler (1964)  7/11
•   Judith Borchardt (Johnson) (1971)  7/2
•   Fredric Schlater (1963)  7/2
•   Matthew Bronk (2009)  6/30
•   Dawn Richards (Jasionowski) (1985)  6/30
•   Robert Willems (1964)  6/26
•   John Stanley (1979)  6/21
•   Beatriz Maceda-Sanchez (2016)  6/14
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•   Thomas Francois (1978)  7/20
•   Mary Harms (Zwarycz) (1966)  7/20
•   Mary Kotz (Baubonis) (1981)  7/20
•   Thomas Heller (1971)  7/21
•   John Seiber (2001)  7/21
•   Linda Wasilevich (1972)  7/21
•   Mary Adamson (Hughes) (1961)  7/23
•   William Hendricksen (1970)  7/23
•   Lee Johnson (1964)  7/23
•   William (Lee) Sawtell (Johnson) (1964)  7/23
•   Christopher Stare (2008)  7/23
•   Amy Yule (Thielen) (1984)  7/23
•   Dennis Meo (1971)  7/24
•   William Rafferty (1971)  7/24
•   Richard Blasi (1962)  7/25
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