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"Barrie" Barbara Higgins (Gassaway) - Class Of 1964

Barrie Barbara Higgins (Gassaway)

Deceased Classmate: Barrie Higgins (Gassaway)(1964)
Date Deceased: ?-?-?
Age at Death: ?
Cause of Death: Cancer of the Uterus
Classmate City: St Augustine
Classmate State: FL
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: Ryan Higgins brother, she had another brother I can't remember his name, and she had a son Alex

I couldn't find her name in the list so I put her brothers name but he is NOT deceased! When our last hardcopy of Alumni was published Ryan called me to tell me about Barrie's death. She died in Florida several months before his call. Ryan said he knew I would want to know because we were such close friends. He said he didn't know how to get in touch with me until the book came out. I couldn't find her name on the drop down list or in the memorial list either. Her name was Barbara Higgins but known as Barrie. She had a married name but I can't remember it. I hope you can update this informatin about her. Thank you very much.