Family Memorials

Our deepest sympathy and prayers to


  • the Wojtak family in the loss of Ron Wojtak '73. Ron's SJ's alumni survivors include his children, Matthew '05, Megan '07 and Sara '12. Surviving siblings include Bob '68, Rita '70, Rick '71, Ruth '74, Roger '80 and Ray '84


  • the Bezotte, Baltes and Kelleher families in the loss of Wayne Baltes. Wayne’s survivors include his daughter Jennifer Bezotte and her family and sisters-in-law Jackie (Ellison ‘64) Baltes, Mary Beth (Kelleher ‘78) Lindqvist, Patsy (Kelleher’70) Fanduzzi, Kathy (Kelleher ‘64) Conforti, Verda Wolf, and brother-in-law Bryant Kelleher ‘62. Wayne was preceded in death by his wife, Terry (Kelleher ‘68) Baltes. 8.14.2019


  • the Bahr family in the loss of their father, Donald Bahr. Donald’s survivors include his children Judith ‘66, David ‘68, Dale, ‘72, Candice ‘74, Jeanne ‘78, and Daniel ‘82.  8.14.2019


  • the Costabile family in the loss of Robert Costabile. Robert’s alumni survivor includes his sister Dianne ‘61. 8.11.2019


  • the Carlino family in the loss of their mother, Marie Carlino. Marie’s survivors include her children Gary, David, Bernice ‘65 and Christine. 8.11.2019


  • the Manson family in the loss of Bernice Manson. Alumni survivors include Bernice’s grandchildren Laura (Manson ‘03) Hall and Michelle (Manson ‘00) Milholland. 8.11.2019


  • the Sorensen and Turco families in the loss of Mary Jane Turco Sorensen.  Mary Jane’s survivors include her siblings Guy Turco ‘55, Janet Turco ‘62 and Laura. 8.5.2019


  • the Trecroci family in the loss of their uncle, Albert Trecroci. Albert’s survivors include his nephew Frank ‘62 and Frank’s wife Jennifer (Fasci ‘68) Trecroci. 8.3.2019


  • the Wasilevich family in the loss of Dorothy Wasilevich. Dorothy was an aunt to Linda Wasilevich '72, Peter Wasilevich '74, Anne Wasilevich '77,  Kathy Wasilevich Tirabassi '78 and a long-time supporter of St. Joe's. 7.25.2019


  • the DeBartelo family in the loss of Peter DeBartelo. Peter’s survivors include his brother-in-law Joey ‘69 and Joey’s wife Eileen (Hartnell ‘66) Falcone. 7.25.2019


  • the Jakubowski family in the loss of Anthony Jakubowski. Anthony’s survivors include his step mom Paula (Bastian ‘70) Jakubowski.  7.14.2019


  • the Bain, Kuester, and Ellsworth families on the loss of Jaedon Bain. Jaedon's grandmother, Nancy Ellsworth Kuester '65 and great aunt Sue Ellsworth Geissman '68 are St Joseph Alumni. Prayers for Jaedon and his loved ones.  7.12.2019


  • the Neumann family in the loss of their mother, Lois Neumann. Lois’ survivors include her daughters Patricia ‘81 and Kathy. Lois was preceded in death by her children Janice ‘64 and Charles ‘78.  7.14.2019


  • the Matrise family in the loss of Frank Matrise Jr. '84. Survivors include his wife Wendy, son Kyle '20, daughter Katelyn '20, parents Frank '55 & Sandy Matrise, sisters Julie Matrise Rivera '87, Gina Matrise Wnuck '91, Kathy Matrise Figlewski '95 and the late Marie Matrise '85.


  • the Kienitz family in the loss of their mother, Jean Kienitz. Jean’s survivors include her son, Richard ‘69 and her daughter, Cindy. 7.11.2019